We will take care of lobbies, outdoor areas and gardens

Exceptional outdoor furnishings
Furnish your hotel lobbies, waiting rooms, terraces and green spaces with unique furniture and items that will give them elegance, style and individuality.

Unique products
We offer comfortable and functional lobby furniture and original decorative items such as flower beds and flower pots.

Interesting arrangements
We will create unconventional arrangements for lobbies, terraces and outdoor areas for you.

Unique outdoor furniture

Our outdoor furniture and decorative products will give every space a modern and unconventional character. We will make sure that even the regular hotel lobby becomes a coherent and representative part of the hotel, business or restaurant.

  • We offer a variety of collections of outdoor furniture - benches, armchairs, chairs and sofas.
  • We provide a large selection of decorative elements - illuminated flowerpots and flowerbeds.
  • On request, we can offer exotic citrus plants.

Illuminated flowerpots and flowerbeds

Designer products not only enrich the space, but also create a unique atmosphere and enhance the prestige of the place. In creating our collection, we have chosen modern and original accessories that will delight everyone with their looks.

  • Illuminated pots will make the lobby, terrace or garden look like new after dark.
  • In our flower pots, both decorative plants, as well as bushes or small trees, look great.
  • You will find flower pots and flowerbeds in various sizes and rich colors.

We offer outdoor furniture and elegant decorative products.


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