Prestigious furniture for receptions

The best showcase for every hotel
We produce reception furniture with the best materials. We take care of even the smallest detail. We create an elegant and functional showcase for every hotel.

Variety of styles and designs
We offer reception furniture in both modern and classic styles.

Comprehensive reception arrangements
We arrange hotel receptions in a comprehensive way. We will ensure optimal use of space, appropriate construction and functionality.

Comprehensive reception facilities

Our offer comprises the comprehensive design and production of reception furniture. Modern and comfortable furniture guarantees the best service and comfort for employees. We provide a full range equipment - from reception desks to chairs, sofas, work stations and tables.

  • We design and manufacture solid reception desks in modern, classic or any other style chosen by the customer.

Depending on demand, we can also offer: luggage storage, information desk furniture, functional lockers and document storage cabinets.

Matching reception furniture

The hotel reception is a space which must primarily be aesthetically pleasing and functional. When producing hotel furniture, we remember that it should make the best impression. We help our clients choose the right project and tailor it to the individual character of the hotel.

  • Reception furniture is always adjusted to the room, in both size and appearance.
  • We help arrange the reception area so that it is functional and welcoming to guests.
  • We realize even the most sophisticated wishes of the Client.

We make reception furniture that fits the individual style of the lobby.


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