Wall veneers and panels

High resistance
Both wall panels and veneers are extremely durable and resistant to dirt and various factors created during use.

Ease of maintenance
The undoubted advantage of our wall finishes is the ease of maintenance. Panels and veneers are easy to maintain and conserve.

Fast assembly
We will take care of the professional mounting of wall finishes. Depending on the selected products, the employees under our supervision will leave the walls perfected in every detail.

Wall veneers

Wall veneers will work well in public areas, restaurants, hotels and other spaces. A large range of patterns and colours help to create an unusual style in any room

  • We offer vinyl, textile and self-adhesive vinyl.
  • The products are available in many designs and colours. They are characterized by simple mounting and easy maintenance.
  • We are also able to create veneers for you in special colours and with individual patterns or effects.

Wall panels

Wall panels are a durable and elegant finish for any interior. We have chosen attractive and modern designs for our assortment.

  • We have panels that imitate wood, marble, concrete and many other materials.
  • Thanks to the diverse assortment we can easily achieve the intended arrangement effect.
  • An additional advantage of wall panels is the ability to hide any imperfections in the walls.

You will find a wide selection of veneers and wall panels for any type of room.


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