20 years of experience

We are a team of responsible and creative people who are passionate and committed to working with each other and our business partners, building long-term trust. We specialize in the design and extensive furnishing of interiors. We realize every concept "from idea to realization". We work with reputable manufacturers of furniture and finishings.

What is our target?

CONSIDO's goal is to create friendly and comfortable workplace spaces. A rich assortment of furniture and furnishings allows for ergonomic, economic and ecological shaping of space.

The best solutions

Unique arrangements are completed with certified materials and proven systems. We supply unique and designer furniture and items. We are pioneers of the green office.

Commitment and professionalism

We approach every project with full commitment and professionalism. We strive to realize our clients' dreams to the smallest detail.

Project implementation

The CONSIDO logistics department delivers orders on time and our experts are able to assemble furniture on-site. We quickly deal with any possible complaints. We provide a 5-year warranty and reliable after-sales service.

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